circa 1970. A binder of materials produced by the Awareness Research Foundation, an alternative religious group founded in 1962 at a Thanksgiving dinner in Bellevue, Washington. A psychologist placed under hypnosis cured his own cancer and through subsequent hypnotic trances revealed his expanding knowledge was a result of “cosmic awareness”.

The binder contains more than 150 pages of material organized within sections with a table of contents. The material includes an introduction to Awareness: “awareness in each individual which draws upon that portion of himself which is his inner superconscious power.” Among the other material in the binder are a membership application, an introduction to spiritual healing, excerpts from readings in Olympia, Washington and Calgary, Alberta, Canada, etc.

The executive director of the Foundation was Helen I. Hoag, who claimed to have been aboard a spaceship and lived multiple past lives. “I’m Mara Menara, professionally,” Hoag wrote in the opening of her book My Lives on Atlantis, a copy of which is laid into the binder. “My name in this life is Helen I. Hoag. Would you like to know some of my other names?”

Along with Hoag’s book, a 1971 letter is laid into the binder recounting Hoag’s summer tour, which took her to Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, and Colorado. “One of our contacts had already been taken to ‘the other side’. We met some wonderful people, evaluated several organizations, ran several dozen lives for a number of persons in a great many cities and towns. We also saw, from a distance, some eight or nine space ships and were able to distinguish them from stars by their movement and lights. One of these was the Star Ship of our new Universe Lord which seems to stay over the vicinity of Minturn, Colorado near Vail.”

It appears the organization moved from Washington to North Miami and during the summer months, was based in Topeka, Kansas. The materials are housed in a green stiff paper binder with metal clasps. Item #75248

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