A collection of more than 100 promotional pieces, including movie posters, lobby cards, photographs, sound and video recordings, and other various ephemera in several languages for the cult classic Palm Springs Weekend (1963), a campy view of Palm Springs as a spring break destination.

Starring Troy Donahue, Stefanie Powers, Robert Conrad, Ty Hardin, and Connie Stevens, the film centers on a group of college students who travel to Palm Springs for Easter weekend. The film was released by Warner Brothers and featured actors who were under full contract with the studio.

Troy Donahue told Palm Springs Life that the best thing about the film was that it was being made in Palm Springs: “And I was there to drink and get laid. I remember that a friend of mine and I started at opposite ends of town. Halfway through the movie, we crossed paths. I got everything he got going in his direction, and he got everything I got coming in mine. I mean, the picture was tame compared to the reality.”

Slightly in advance of the film's release, as was the custom of the era, a paperback novelization of the film was published by Dell Books. The author was renowned crime and western novelist Marvin H. Albert, who also made something of a cottage industry out of movie tie-ins.

The materials in this collection include:

Soundtrack reel to reel tape
VHS video
Video Disc, Warner Home Video
PSW Soundtrack LP
Radio Promotion LP
Movie Promotion LP
Paperback novel
Betty & Veronica Digest, Palm Spring Weekend at the Riveria, 2009
Japanese promo booklet and advertisement from magazines
Japanese pressing of a 45 RPM record of Troy Donahue singing songs from the movie
Screen Stories magazine with a feature on Connie Stevens and Troy Donahue
Les Dingues Sont Laches pressbook in French
Ad from New York Daily News, November 27, 1963, 15x7
Press book for the movie
71 8x10 production stills
6 color lobby cards from England (Warner-Pathe)
9 color lobby cards from Germany
Set of seven U.S. lobby cards
Mexican lobby cards
Banner 82x24
Multi-sheet poster U.S.
14.5x22 poster with showtimes written on poster, U.S., second copy with no writing
14x36 poster
30x40 poster on thick stock
27x42 framed poster
40x56 poster for Troy Donahue’s hit 45rpm single and “see the movie”
22x28 poster
Poster for 40th Anniversary Celebration at Riveria 9/25/2003, 16x20
Poster 15x22, Belgium Le Week-end Des Copains
Poster from Spain, 39x27 BUSCANDO MILLIONARIO, 1964, Izaro Films
Poster from Spain, 78x39 BUSCANDO MILLIONARIO (3 pieces), Izaro Films
Three-sheet poster with stamps, possibly in Arabic
44x28 “7 Dias De Fiesta” poster
Two Australian posters, 13x30
Seven Italian photo posters for Giorni Caldi a Palm Springs 18x27 in color
27x14 Italian poster for Giorni Caldi a Palm Springs.
51x40 Italian poster for Giorni Caldi a Palm Springs
33x23 German Poster for PSW “Im Paradise ist der Teufel Ios”
30x38 English poster for Palm Springs Weekend and “World By Night 2”, Warner-Pathe. Item #74713

Price: $5,000.00

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